Mom lets snake bite infant daughter in Facebook video

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The woman found the snake in the driveway of her Highlands County home and later allowed it to get close to her one-year-old daughter who was bitten, WFTS television reported.

The woman lives on nine acres in rural Highlands County. She removed the video from her Facebook page after receiving backlash.

"St. Laurent said that the interaction...had the desired effect and even though the snake was soon tame enough to be held, [the girl] no longer wished to touch it", the report continues.

According to ABC News, the toddler is St. Laurent's daughter, and that red rat snakes are also known as red cornsnakes. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Comission, red rat snakes kill their prey by constriction and are not risky to humans.

The video then shows the toddler start to cry. Detectives with the sheriff's office have identified the person laughing as St. Laurent. "So, I thought it was a good opportunity to introduce [my daughter] without actually getting hurt". She stated she believed the snake was, as she put it, "harmless". "His teeth are too small to actually puncture the skin.

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People are too sensitive".

The Florida woman took a video, showing a snake biting her daughter.

The were no marks or injury to the child from the snake strike.

After coming under fire for the video, St. Laurent defended her actions in an interview with WFTS.

The woman added that she was teaching her daughter to steer clear of snakes, just as she learned to do from her father who was a Jupiter, Florida, police officer.