Anti-Sharia rallies this weekend worry Muslim leaders

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Members of other anti-government groups including the III Percenters, the Minnesota Minutemen, White Lives Matter and Sons of Odin said they would also attend in several states.

One of the demonstrations is billed as an anti-Sharia law march and it's permitted for the steps of City Hall.

Governor Malloy also making an appearance saying the group "Act for America" should not be spreading negative messages in CT.

Brass City police say they have met with leaders from both groups and are prepared for the events today. It also moved its planned protest in Portland, Ore. - where a man recently stabbed three people while harassing two Muslim girls on a commuter train - to Seattle after facing opposition from Portland's mayor. One of them was wearing a hijab. But Islamic scholar Asifa Quraishi-Landes says these people are misinformed.

Presler said around 500,000 women in the USA are either at risk of undergoing or have undergone female genital mutilation, quoting a study referenced by ACT for America on its website.

Given the political and economic conflicts we had with a few nations including Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan and other Muslim majority nations, we equated their practices like cutting the hands of the thieves, lashing or stoning the adulterers, forcing women to wear face veil and denying equal space for women as the crude form of Sharia.

"'There is no ability under the Constitution to impose Sharia law", says Heidi Beirich, who directs the SPLC's Intelligence Project. It is created to guide devout Muslims in their personal and professional dealings.

"Things happen so fast, it's so hard to keep up", said Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the Council on Islamic-American Relations.

"Sharia is a word for Islamic teachings - people pray at home, they love their parents, take care of their parents because of Islamic teachings ... it's the reason many Muslim women wear head scarves", he said.

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ACT for America activists portray Sharia as largely incompatible with American democracy and often warn of a stealth effort to replace US law with Islamic law.

"There is no place for violence against women in society".

"The management of all organizations have been in contact with us and everyone has been very forthright", said Deputy Chief Fernando Spagnolo of the Waterbury Police Department.

As for Parish's assertion that Sharia can be separated from Muslim people, Bukhari responded, "We see bias in that". Reached via Facebook Messenger, Kerry French, ACT for America's field-operations coordinator, said she was not authorized to talk to the media.

People plan to meet for a rally called "Seattle Stands with our Muslim Neighbors" at the same time and place as the "Seattle March Against Sharia" event.

Two cities in MI are set to play host to "March Against Sharia" protests Saturday as part of a series of national events, sparking criticism and counterprotests from members of the Muslim community and supporters.

Confusion and disappointment...feelings Sardar is pondering tonight as he prepares himself for Saturday's nationwide protests against Sharia law. With the South Bay being home to a large Muslim population, some aren't surprised organizers would try to stage a march nearby, but they're choosing to stay positive. Finally, we received an interesting letter here this week in response to our coverage of the hate march. We will be peaceful and we will be resolute. We condemn the June 10 event promoting Islamophobia, and urge community members to educate themselves about Islam (see resources below).

Anti-Sharia law rallies are set to begin in 19 states Saturday in the wake of Islamist attacks around the world during the month of Ramadan, but potentially violent conflict is brewing as counter rallies organize and Portland officials seek to shut down the protests.