Dems say they'll slow Senate work over secretive care bill

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The Democrats then listed all the hearing rooms in the Senate where Republicans could hold a debate on the bill.

"We eagerly await the day when we can fulfill our promise to the American people and send legislation to the president's desk repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act", the letter concludes. The question is, how to do it. Portman has been asking leadership to phase out Medicaid expansion in states like his over a 7-year period, rather than just cutting off federal money for the program in 2020 like the House bill did. Twenty GOP senators represent states that embraced the expansion.

Starting in 2009, House and Senate committees held scores of hearings and voted on hundreds of amendments, including some from Republicans - who all ended up voting "no" on final passage. They've spent seven years promising voters this opportunity would come.

"The Senate is working in secret and rushing to pass a bill that will closely mirror the AHCA passed by the House, which strips care from 23 million people, raises costs for millions more and punishes kids, seniors and people with disabilities through steep cuts to Medicaid", Robert Restuccia, executive director of Community Catalyst, added. Her misstep highlights the sensitivity around many business model issues important to the industry. But other observers have warned that their premiums would go up so much, they'd likely lose coverage anyway. Medicaid covers half of all births and half of the nation's bill for long-term care, including nursing home stays. Those options would change Medicaid from an open-ended commitment to states to one that is capped at a certain amount. Just to be clear, CBO has gotten many things wrong. However, sources with direct knowledge of the negotiations say the real sticking point is not whether or not to impose a cap - they want to do that.

The Senator gave his opinion on the earlier versions of the bill as well. Keeping those taxes will make it easier for the Senate to defend itself from Democratic objections that the bill is a boon to the one percent. A win for Democrat Jon Ossoff could be seen as a stark warning to President Donald Trump and the GOP Obamacare repeal efforts. This is a key demand for a large portion of the Republican base.

The contents of the Senate version of the bill, however, are yet unknown.

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Trump has reportedly "been stung by the non-stop negative news coverage of the House bill, particularly reports that more than 20 million people or more could lose insurance".

The House took its shot with the American Health Care Act.

The bill was designed in a way that it would be passed only by a simple majority in Congress as opposed to a 60-vote majority for most laws.

Eliminating insurance regulations imposed by the ACA are a top priority for conservatives. But they were also promised that most of the new customers would be "young invincibles" - healthy Americans between 18-35 who would jump at the chance to purchase cheap, subsidized insurance.

Wyden of OR complained that even his committee's chairman, Orrin Hatch of Utah, was being "cut out" of discussions and that the process had become a "charade".