Chris Christie approves NJ assistance for Harvey

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Nah. Cruz just doubled down on his Sandy sentiments two days ago, on August 28, during an interview with NBC's Katy Tur. It has been painful to hear the master of polarizing, incendiary rhetoric babble on about non-partisanship unity amid the Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts.

Cruz denounced people taking "political shots and snipes" during a natural disaster, but again explained why he chose to vote against the Sandy bill.

Well, five years is a long time, but not too long to go back and check on the internets. Cruz had an especially high profile in the fight, citing "unnecessary pork" provisions in the Sandy bill as the reasons for his opposition. The Washington Post fact-checked Cruz's claim and found that claim untrue.

Christie also praised President Donald Trump for visiting Texas so soon after the storm and said criticism of Trump for doing so was "outrageous".

Christie said: 'I see Senator Cruz, and it's disgusting to me that he stands in a recovery center with victims standing behind him as a backdrop and he's still repeating the same reprehensible lies about what happened with Sandy'.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston, Texas last weekend, submerging entire communities and killing in the double digits.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was particularly appreciative of the help and announced that NJ Task Force 1, comprised of police, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel - are in Katy, Texas, a suburb approximately 30 miles (48.3 km) west of Houston.

It took Congress more than 60 days to approve the $50.5-billion relief package to help Sandy's victims rebuild in 2013.

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Many lawmakers who voted against the Sandy legislation have since cited additional spending in initial drafts of the legislation as the reason. "But Sandy was a storm that stretched far beyond New Jersey and NY as it raced up from the Caribbean".

"He talks about playing politics - that's what he did with people's lives in 2012 and 2013". The impulse to craft a health care bill that cuts benefits for the poor to fund taxes for the rich isn't distant from the one that finds conditions and strings when distant states need relief but demands unqualified help when disaster strikes at home.

Cuomo asked Fahrenthold to reflect on the disaster that was the Sandy relief bill.

In the House, it passed by 241-180, with only one Democrat voting against it and 192 voting in favor. Cruz & Co. can't guarantee an aid package for South Texas won't have unrelated line items in it.

Cruz, Republican Texas Sen.

Cruz said that Congress "will provide very significant resources for the people who have been damaged" by Harvey.

His entirely political attack on the 2013 disaster relief package, an attack that nearly the entire Republican delegation in Texas - and Missouri - bought into, turned out to be bogus.