Delta will allow text messages during a flight

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Starting this weekend, passengers on Delta flights around the world will be able to keep in contact with their loved ones on the ground for free.

In fact, Delta CEO Ed Bastian told "CBS This Morning" on Wednesday calls would be allowed "never in my lifetime". Passengers expect the kind of connection speeds they get on the ground, even while flying across continents. Gogo's pricing for Wi-Fi on flights varies depending on the plan, but Delta customers will not have to pay for Wi-Fi access for texting.

Customers will be able to use iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger while in the air on a Gogo-equipped flight. Well, texters worry no more... at least if you travel with Delta Air Lines. And as for the question of free Wi-Fi?

Beginning Oct. 1, Delta Air Lines will become the first USA global carrier to offer free mobile messaging, providing more customers access to free messaging than any other carrier. Bastian joined Delta in 1998 and took over as chief executive officer in May a year ago.

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Delta is the biggest carrier to offer the service, though.

Among its major legacy competitors United and American, Atlanta-based Delta said it is the first to offer free mobile messaging and will have the most aircraft with free messaging of any carrier.

The feature will also limit what kinds of messages the three apps can send: text only, no pictures or video, so mile-high video sexting is a no-go.