The alligator's incredible ability to survive freezing temperatures

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The Shallotte River Swamp Park in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina posted an unbelievable video showing their rescued American Alligators.

In a blog post and YouTube video, staffers explained that alligators can live in water as cold as 40 degrees. Experts say once the alligators are able to breathe through the ice, they fall into a state of hibernation known as brumation by lowering their body temperatures and metabolism.

Alligators in southeastern North Carolina poke their noses through ice to survive unusual winter chills battering east coast of the United States since last week.

Shallotte River Swamp Park in North Carolina posted the video on Facebook.

Alligators can regulate their temperature so they can remain frozen in place until the ice melts.

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"I looked around and I was like 'hmmm what is that poking up out of the water?' They nearly look like cypress trees a little bit from afar".

The park has 12 gators rescued from captivity now hibernating in the ice.

The video clip has awed commenters on social media, prompting people to pepper Shallotte River Swamp Park with concerns about whether the alligators are dead and questions about what happens if someone steps on a frozen alligator by accident. According to park officials, it's not out of the ordinary - they're just attempting to acclimating to the freezing conditions.

"Obviously, that is not optimal, being frozen like that", he said.

After nearly being eradicated in the early 20th century, alligators have made a comeback in North Carolina.