Trump wants immigration compromise - and border wall

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It is unclear if Trump is going to demand Congress include funding for the wall he envisions running along the U.S. -Mexico border as part of any border security bill, but he appeared to indicate it is part and parcel with what he views to be border security when he said "if you don't have a wall, you can not have security".

"[Trump] can call it anything he wants", Blumenthal added, but Democrats will support only smarter border security, such as improved surveillance in the form of drones and border personnel.

"I think my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up with", Trump said during a Cabinet Room meeting with a bipartisan group of almost two dozen lawmakers, adding, "I am very much reliant upon the people in this room".

Now, Democrats are trying to protect just the DACA enrollees, while Republicans continue pushing for almost all of their demands.

Trump has long made that case, saying even during his campaign that his border wall didn't need to be continuous, thanks to natural barriers in the landscape. According to the Times, the administration has requested cuts or delays in funding for traditional border-security measures in order to secure the necessary $18 billion over 10 years that the wall is expected to cost.

"Our focus is on the four things that I laid out".

Such measures, experts told the Times, may suggest that the Trump administration cares more about appearing to crack down on illegal immigration than actually doing so.

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The intervening months have not improved relationships between Kelly and Democratic lawmakers. Sixty votes will be needed to pass legislation, and Republicans control 51 seats.

"From that standpoint it was a very productive meeting", said U.S. Senator David Perdue, a Republican. "President Donald Trump is going to have to bless a deal, [and] that is a formidable challenge". Democrats have threatened to risk a shutdown if they do not get a DACA extension, although they backed off from a similar threat in December.

But after the meeting, lawmaker from both parties said they would meet as early as Wednesday to continue negotiations on a deal covering DACA and border security, as well as a visa lottery program and "chain migration", which could address the status of relatives of Dreamers who are still in the United States illegally.

"We don't oppose building a wall, but that's certainly not our first priority", said Eric Ruark, director of research at NumbersUSA.

The president said he would insist on construction of a border security wall as part of an agreement involving young immigrants, but he said Congress could then pursue a comprehensive immigration overhaul in a second phase of talks. But the basic framework of Cornyn's plan could offer Democrats their best shot at a DACA deal.

"If the White House backtracks on what they said they're going to get from a DACA bill, it's going to have negative political consequences for the president", said Ruark. This border wall is not only a waste of money, it is a bullhorn, not just a dog whistle, but a freakin' bull horn, to white nationalist all over the United States letting them know that they have a president that's got their back, and that's disgusting. Yes, but Mexico will pay. "Unless the wall is 35,000 feet high, it's not going to do much to stop those overstaying these visas", Robert Warren, a fellow at the Center for Migration Studies, told the Times.

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