Julian Assange has been granted Ecuadorean nationality

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The Ecuadorian government has become entirely fed up with the dispute over Assange's status as it's dragged on, calling the dispute "untenable".

Assange moved into Ecuador's embassy in London in 2012 to avoid arrest over now-dropped Swedish rape charges.

Referencing a 2016 UN ruling that said Assange was being "arbitrarily detained", WikiLeaks responded: "The UN ruling, issued nearly two years ago, is crystal clear in its language".

Mr Assange, 46, breached bail conditions when he sought political refuge at the Ecuadorean embassy, while facing sexual assault allegations in Sweden.

When Ecuador first gave asylum to Assange, he was still a hero to many on the liberal left, and to many opponents of "US imperialism".

When he came into power in May 2017, Moreno appeared to have adopted the same stance as his predecessor Rafael Correa, who defended Assange.

After more than five years holed up in Ecuador's embassy in London, Wikileaks leader Julian Assange may be wearing out his welcome. The investigation into the Wikileaks founder was dropped previous year.

"We will continue to protect Julian Assange while his physical and psychological integrity are at risk", Espinosa said.

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Following the comments, a representative for Assange told the Guardian he would welcome a change. He has remained in the embassy premises in London since then.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during a 2014 press conference. In 2010, Wikileaks leaked United States military helicopter footage showing the killing of Iraqi civilians. "What naturalization does is provide the asylum-seeker another layer of protection", she said.

For several years, Metropolitan police officers maintained a constant watch of the embassy, which is situated behind Harrods in central London, at a cost of at least £11.1 million (US$15 million), according to figures released by Scotland Yard in June 2015. Manning was subsequently pardoned by Obama, but not before being subjected to abuse tantamount to torture in military prison.

Others see him as a criminal who undermined the security of the West by exposing secrets.

A statement by Assange's legal team said: "The UN ruling, issued nearly two years ago, is crystal clear in its language".

She added she feared for threats to Assange's life from third-party states.

The intimidation, however, comes not merely from the Trump administration and the Republican right.